About Falkirk Environment Trust

Falkirk Environment Trust is a local charitable organisation which aims to support projects by awarding grants and providing guidance to Community Groups, Charities, Community Councils, etc within the Falkirk Council area.

FET was established in 1998 in response to the Landfill Tax Credit Scheme.  The scheme was developed by the UK’s Government as a method of awarding grants to local groups, primarily for environmental improvement projects, in areas close to landfill operations. The scheme has now been devolved to the Scottish Government.

The aims of the Falkirk Environment Trust are expressed in its Vision Statement:
“The Trust aims to retain its position as one of Scotland's leading local authority area based environmental trusts, supporting a wide range of environmental and sustainable development projects. It will work closely with partners and local communities to facilitate projects and build consensus through the design and delivery of projects. The Trust will work to secure its long-term viability, acting as a source of match funding and using its resources to make a significant contribution to local environmental priorities.”

For further information on the work of Falkirk Environment Trust, download our Annual Reports, our Business Plan 2015-2020 or view our other reports.


Some Falkirk Environment Facts

By 2014, FET has awarded 199 Main Grants totalling over £4 million and assisted in attracting over £20 million to the area, in total project value.

FET grants have been awarded to a broad spectrum of project types, from kerbside collection of wastes for recycling to planting new woodlands, constructing community gardens, restoring wildlife habitats and conserving historic buildings.

FET prides itself on being accessible to all groups wishing to pursue environmental projects in the area and is often the first funder to make awards to local projects. This in turn helps the group to attract funding from other partners.

FET Main Grants Scheme, can award grants from £2,000 up to £50,000 (to a max of 50% of total project value). Click here for Main Grants Information.

FET Small Grants Scheme can award up to £2,000. Click Here for Small Grants Information.



Falkirk Environment Trust Partners

Falkirk Environment Trust is managed by a board of directors, with representatives from local and national agencies and groups. It meets quarterly to consider applications for funding and other business.

Falkirk Environment Trust is a charitable company limited by guarantee, registered in Scotland No. 188303.

Scottish Charity No. SC28253. Entrust Enrolment No. 472053