Schedule of Board Meetings 2017

  • Thursday 23 March - FET Business Meeting
  • Friday 16 June - FET Business Meeting and Site Visits
  • Friday 15 September - FET AGM and Business Meeting
  • Friday 15 December - FET Business Meeting

Grant applicants are asked to submit their applications 5 weeks prior to the Board Meetings.


Main Grants Scheme

The FET Main Grants Scheme can make awards ranging between £2,000 and £50,000. The scheme has several criteria that applicants need to fulfill to be considered for a grant:

          • Projects must be presented by a constituted community group, charity or trust. Grants must be for community benefit.
          • Project applications must be accompanied by all appropriate enclosures or associated paperwork. This includes things like your group constitution, insurance documents, proof of bank accounts, designs and pricing/costing of the job, letters of permission from the land owner and all other appropriate statutory consents.
          • FET insists that all main grant project submissions should have a full "Project Proposal" or "Business Plan" document. This is to show that the group has planned and prepared for the project.

Projects must fall into one of the following categories:

  • Category A - Projects that involve reclaiming land, the use of which has been prevented by some previous activity.
  • Category B - Projects that reduce or prevent pollution on land
  • Category C/ CC - Now discontinued
  • Category D - Projects that provide or maintain public amenities or parks within 10 miles of a landfill site
  • Category D/A - Projects conserving biodiversity of UK species and habitats
  • Category E - projects to restore or repair buildings for religious worship, or of architectural or historical interest within 10 miles of a landfill site
  • Category F - projects funding the cost of administrative, financial or other similar services, supplied to other enrolled environmental bodies

Interested groups are encouraged to contact the FET Development Manager, who will discuss your project with you. If your project has the potential to be funding through Landfill Tax Credits, then a site visit can be arranged. If not, we will try to give you advice on where to look for alternative funding sources.

Please contact the Development Manager for all SLCF Main Grant enquiries in the first instance.


Small Grants Scheme

The FET Small Grants Scheme can award up to £2,000. The scheme is administered by the FET Development Manager.
Falkirk Environment Trust runs the Small Grants Scheme which can be anything from a few pounds to £2,000. It offers greater flexibility than the Main Grants Scheme and decisions can be made very quickly. Small Grants are typically awarded against projects that:

  • Improve the environment in some way, e.g. community gardens, habitat enhancements
  • Raise awareness of environmental issues
  • Run Community Events e.g. Litter picks or environmental workdays
  • Build the capacity of a group to make a Main Grants Scheme application and/or other environmental funders (e.g. business planning, feasibility studies, etc.)
  • Build capacity in communities through start up grants e.g. money for insurances, tools, etc. (Please note that special rules apply to the purchase of tools and equipment through FET Grants)

Award Criteria
Each application will be judged on its match to the following Small Grant criteria:

  • Status of group/organisation
  • Need for the project
  • Does the project fit with FET Objects and priorities
  • Location of project and benefits
  • Maintenance, after care and sustainability
  • Project description/costs/ timescale/ outcomes
  • Value for money
  • Consents/ permissions/ insurance
  • Innovative and new project ideas

If you have a project idea, contact the FET Development Manager for assistance and advice.

Download the Small Grants Application Form


Falkirk Environment Trust is a charitable company limited by guarantee, registered in Scotland No. 188303.

Scottish Charity No. SC28253. Entrust Enrolment No. 472053