Project Gallery

In this section we have tried to assemble some of the Main Grants projects that FET has helped with. We hope that the information shown heare will give you a better idea of the sort of projects we are likely to fund. Click on the photos to enlarge.


River Avon Heritage Trail Upgrades 

£8,400 awarded to Central Scotland Forest Trust

Several years ago, FET made an award for the creation of the River Avon Heritage trail, and specifically for a section running along the western bank of the Avon River. This project was successfully completed, but became a victim of its own success! The path became so heavily used by walkers and cyclists that the surface of the path became muddy and in places almost impassable. A new application was submitted which aimed to upgrade areas of the path system to a higher standard of surfacing and drainage, effectively giving it a much longer life as a public amenity.



South Green Drive Community Garden

£49,953 awarded to South Greens Residents Association

Airth village has approximately 2000 residents, with no facilities for children under 12 years, or for families to meet together. This project has delivered a play-park area for young people under 12 years of age and which is set in a landscaped community amenity and biodiversity garden. This scheme greatly increases public amenity for the village, creating a social focal point with the added value of a biodiversity area suitable for use by the local school as a teaching area, seating and picnic tables etc.


Topps Wood Community Project

£42,198 awarded to Central Scotland Forest Trust. Total sum of project £167,344

Topps Woodland project represents an investment in the area’s Biodiversity for FET. The area, previously rough grazing, has been converted into a mixed native woodland of Oak, Scots pine, Rowan and other species. Historically the area’s wildlife has declined through loss of habitat to farming and non-native forestry. As the woodland develops, local high school pupils will assist in developing the biodiversity value of the site.


River Avon Restoration Project Phase 3

£16,473 awarded to Slamannan Angling & Protective Society. Total sum of project £50,000

The Project aims to restore parts of the habitat on the River Avon. In the 1970’s the upper Avon was dredged and straightened to alleviate flooding. This action devastated the rivers ability to support fish and other species. The first two phases successfully restored gravel spawning beds, groynes and weirs to create a better habitat for a variety of creatures. This phase allows the third section of the river to be enhanced, and follows the same types of activities highlighted above.


Airth Mercat Cross Restoration

£35,108 awarded to Airth Parish Community Council

The Mercat Cross, located at the north-west end of Airth High Street, is both a Category A Listed Building and a Scheduled Ancient Monument. It is also the oldest cross of its type in the old county of Stirlingshire. The Monument has suffered a variety of damage over time including biological growths, cracks associated with “Oxide Jacking”, impact damage, minor vehicular damage, vandalism, etc and was in urgent need of repair to ensure it remains an integral structure within the community of Airth. The overall the objective of this project has been to restore the monument to the best possible condition using the latest restoration techniques.



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